Building User First NFT Experiences

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Making Better NFT & Crypto Communities For Creators, Developer, And Users. We Believe Education & Tools Will Enable More Adoption & We're Here For It.

We do things differently

We are dedicated to providing user first experiences on the ledger. 

We started with NFT art generation before it was cool and moved to custom-built games with on-chain transactions. Now we’re working on enterprise-level tools to help more projects build better, faster, and safer communities with a focus on accessibility. We enjoy creating magical NFT experiences and experiments. We believe that web3 is still a blue ocean of opportunity. Our experients are starting on the XRP ledger, where do we go from here, who knows? It’s a Blue Ocean.


3zy Experiments

3zy NFT

An NFT collection and holder of the IP that powers the 3zy ecosystem -3zy DAO -Access to All 3zy Labs Tools -Auto Access To Future 3zy Launch Projects

3zy Connect

Technology made to power NFT communities

3zy Bodega

Swap NFTs and bid on raffles for NFTs. Fun OTC trading.

NFTs Made 3zy

Learning modules to help onboard new users and creators to the XRPL Ecosystem

Looking For Tools To Build Your Community?

Blockchain Development

Our core thesis is that the blockchain is here to stay. We’re part of a new era of fast growth. Some amazing people have built some amazing technology. For that technology to truly change our lives, it needs to become easier to use. If the first place is home, and the second place is work, we believe the third place is going to be crypto, decentralized finance, and communities built around proof of ownership. Our goal is to make that easier to create for founders and easier to access for users. We are starting with developing Tools For NFTs on the XRP Ledger.